Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga

Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga

Sara Jean Underwood is the hot blond that we recently saw on the BBQ’s Best Pair, today we bring her back in a very specific way. She is teaching a Yoga class fully naked. Learn the sexiest Yoga Poses with Sara Jean Underwood and you will be healthy and get horny at the same time. This beautiful blonde has a great body and a very sweet voice.

you can scroll to her video, but I recommend you to look at all the different yoga poses because she is hot.

Standing forward bend

Standing with feet’s shoulders apart, hands in the side, Bring the arms and hands up. Exhale and bend forward from the hip joints, not from the waist. Bring your hands to the floor slightly in front of your feet.

From there do half lift, pressing your hands on your shins. Keep the elbow straight and the back flat looking forward.

Release and bend forward again.

Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga - standing-forward-bend

Triangle Pose

Keep the front leg straight and reach forward pushing the hips back and moving the torso forward. Stretch the left arm to the ground and the right arm extending while you look up.

Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga - triangle-pose

Eagle pose

Bend the knees lift your right leg over the left leg and wrap your leg around the left calf. Then bend the elbows cross your left elbow over your right until you palms are together. Bend your legs a bit deeper and keep your elbows high.

Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga - eagle-pose


Tree Pose

Stand straight with your legs together, bend your right legs bring your foot high into the inside of your left thigh. Keep your elbows straight and move the arms above the head and do a rotation from top to front. Finish the pose by bringing your leg down to the floor. This pose helps to control your balance.

Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga - tree-pose

Dancers Pose

Stretch left arm up and right arm to the side. Reach back, grab the back of your right foot and lean forward. Stretch out the left arm towards your front and push your right foot with you right hand.

Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga - dancers-pose

Crow Pose

Separate your feet a bit wider than your shoulders, squat and put your hand on the floor in front of you. Place your knees on top of your elbows. Lift your hips and look forward balancing your body. This is a great prose to flatten the stomach.

Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga - crow-pose

Camel Pose

Go on your knees on the ground, knees and ankles straight. Bring your butt in and straighten your torso. Look up and place your hand on top of your butt and arch your back. If you want to go to a deeper stretch bring your palms to your feet and hold the pose for 30 seconds.

Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga - camel-pose

Bridge Pose

Lie down placing your feed on the floor and knees bended. Bring your arms to the floor behind your shoulder and your fingers pointing inside. Push your with your legs and arms into the floor and raise your body up arching your back and keeping your head looking to the floor.

Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga - bridge-pose


I hope that you enjoyed this Yoga lesson, you can watch the full video below for more instruction

HD video Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga